ShiftLead is a co-branded app designed to make service industry jobs easier. The app serves as a digital shift supervisor to help employees stay on track, remain accountable, and manage workplace procedures and interactions.

Employers can download the app for their business and customize it with their logo and processes. This iteration of the app reflects Stellar Coffee Co’s business needs.

Project Details

Enterprise App Proposal
Texas State University

Role: User Research, App UX/UI Design

The Problem

During the research phase, it became apparent that Stellar Coffee Co needed a streamlined workflow, and a singular place to house all necessary information. Employees originally worked from paper lists for procedures, shift duties, inventory, and tip sheets. This confusing and disorganized process left plenty of room for error, especially when logging tips per pay period and keeping all staff in the know.


Goal Statement

Create a tool to consolidate procedures and processes into an organized flow; aid employees in remembering which shift tasks need to be done and when.

Paper Protoype

Design Solution

Click to see the app in action.


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